Bag Filter/ Bag House

Wintech is bag house / bag filter manufacturer in India for last 10 years. With our own proprietary technology, our Bag Filters offer the highest particulate removal efficiency in the market, far exceeding the most stringent emissions regulations worldwide. Our secret has been to constantly evolve with technology and search for improvements to provide our customers with optimum air filtration solutions.

WinTech Bag Filters offer the highest particulate removal efficiency on the market. We have installations in several plants far exceeding the world’s strictest emissions requirements. Our Bag Filters can be applied in new installations as well as to upgrade, transform or retrofit obsolete air filtration systems.


A. Unsurpassed filtration
Our Bag Filters can far exceed the strictest regulations and can remove more fine and ultra-fine particulates than any other on the market.
B. Innovative solutions
Our persistent R&D has led to innovations such as our Dual- and Multi-Input Integrated Systems, saving CAPEX and space
C. Reduced energy costs
WinTech Jet Bag Cleaning System reduces yoursystem’s compressed air usage by lowering energy costs.
D. Less No of Bags
WinTech make Bag House require less bags as compared to competitor with same Gas flow rate. Our bags are imported make and have more permeability. This advantage during cleaning and maintenance cycle and brings system swiftly online. This also make WinTech Bag Filter more compact and require less space as compared to competitor.
E. Modular Design
WinTech make Bag filter come in ready to assemble condition. This factoryassembled Bag filter make easy installation at site and ensure quality product.
F. Wider Customer Base
WinTech has successfully installed more than 120+ installation all over India on varied application. Application includes Boiler (Multi Fuel), Kiln , Spray dryer and Many more.

We offer multiple Bag Filter models for flow rates from 10,000 m3 to 3,00,000 m3 and for dust loads of 1 g to 1 kg with outlet emission less than 50-10 mg/nm3.

Salient Feature of WinTech Bag House

A fully assembled ready use Kit:
Going with International practice, our equipment within Boundary limit is ready to use. Shop assembly ensures Quality work& completeness of components.
Modular Design
STD modules are available in fully assembled condition depending on load& systems design numbers of Modules are selected. This gives excellent flexibility & adding further Module with plant expansion possible.
On line cleaning with Delta P Measurement
System is designed for 60-100 mmWC Normal draft loss. System cleaning starts at set point. Online cleaning happens for normal range of operation. With our Bag house, you save on compressed air power as compared to other makes. Thanks to our smart controller & pulsing system.
Special purpose Bags
We do not use glass Bags. We use special fabric bags made up of PTFE / Teflon lamination of membrane. Unlike glass fiber Bags which have frequent failure problem, our bags gives very good results. Woven fabric bags have frequent clogging and chocking failures. Bags in bag house are like heart in the system. We have made selection considering clogging tendencies, cake dislodging efficiency & better mechanical strength during fatigue cycle.
Well Designed distribution of gases
With Diverging inlet duct& Distribution vane; gas gets distributed equally over circumference of bag house. Gas modeling & our vast experience in the field helped our equipment design to refine gas distribution. This is key to effective ash removal
Electromagnetic / Vibro pads
Easy removal of ash is possible with this feature frequency can be set based on load and fuel under use for every plant.
Large Ash storage
Added to above features large size hopper give more ash storage and less reinsertion due to flue gas.
System is designed
With inlet outlet manometer, Temp gauges, peep holes and maintenance manholes easy hinged top door and ease of bag removal and replacement is designed