Thermic fluid Heater/Thermopack/Oil Boiler

WinTech is leading manufacturer of Thermic fluid heater from last 25 years under the Brand name of Exotron. We have manufacture thermic fluid for wide range of application in various Industry. We have thermic fluid heater for various fuel like Solid, liquid and gaseous in Horizontal, Vertical and serpentine design with FBC Bed.

Following are feature of WinTech Thermic Fluid Heater:

1. High capacity heating system.
2. Requires very little maintenance
3. Over-bed and under-bed fuel firing systems can be incorporated
4. Large in-bed and convective heat transfer area
5. Wide Range 10,000 Kcal to 20 Million Kcal/hr heating capacity.
6. Temperature upto 390 deg C.
7. Efficiency as High as 90%.


WinTech manufacturer boiler under the brand name of Exotron Thermal. We are leader in Boiler with wide range from 50 Kg/hr to 200 TPH. We manufacturer boiler for multi fuel like solid, liquid and Gaseous. We supply with following capacity and Brand:

Capacity: 50 Kg/Hr to 1000 Kg/hr multi fuel fired- Solid, Liquid and gaseous, for various application and pressure with efficiency upto 80-90 %.
Is Package type design. Capacity ranging from 1 Tph to 30 TPH – Muti fuel fired- Solid, Liquid and Gaseous, for various application and Pressure, with efficiency upto 80-90%.
Is Combi-Pack Boiler design. Capacity ranging from 1 TPH to 40 TPH- Multi Fuel fired – Solid, Liquid and Gaseous, for various application and pressure, with efficiency upto 80-90%.
Is Bi-Drum Boiler Design for High pressure application with water tube design. It comes with multi-fuel application and with efficiency upto 90%.
Is power Boiler for Power Plant application. We have commissioned power upto 175 TPH and 120 Kg/Cm2 along with Turbine on LST Basis.
Is Power boiler for Bio Mass fired application. We have commissioned 150 TPH and 100 Kg/Cm2 along with turbine on LST basis.

Apart from above application we also supply HAG- Hot Air Generator and Hot water Boiler.