Cyclone / Multi Cyclone

Cyclone separators or simply cyclones are separation devices that use the principle of inertia to remove particulate matterfrom flue gases.Cyclone separators is one of many air pollution control devices known as precleaners since they generally remove larger pieces of particulate matter. This prevents finer filtration methods from having to deal with large, more abrasive particles later on. In addition, several cyclone separators can operate in parallel, and this system is known as a multicyclone.

Our wide range of cyclones can be used as dust pre-separators, spark arrestors or to aid flue gas treatment. They can reduce dust by up to 95% (by weight) and are an effective solution for several industries including the cement, lime, biomass and waste-to-energy sectors. When used as a pre-separator, our cyclones lower the dust load on higher efficiency air filtration systems, ensuring them a longer service life.


Superior particulate removal
Even when used in the worst conditions, our cyclones offer higher efficiency than other such devices
Our cyclones offer particulate removal at a lower cost than other air filtration solutions
Multiple options
We offer sizes ranging from 500 mm to 5 m (1’ 7” to 16’ 5”) in diameter.
Our cyclones are designed to last a long time and built to resist abrasion and corrosion.
Unlike many air filtration devices, our cyclones do not contain any moving or replaceable parts.
Easy installation
Even as an addition to existing systems..