Electrostatic Precipitator

Wintech is a ESP- Electrostatic precipitator manufacturer for last 10 year in India. Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) electrostatically charge the dust particles in the gas flow. The ionized particles are then attracted to the positively grounded collecting plates, creating a layer of caked-on dust particles. Rappers are used to transmit vibrations to the electrodes, causing deposited dust particles to break loose and fall into a hopper located below the ESP. The dust is then removed by a conveyor system for disposal or recycling.

WinTech engineering team has been innovating enhancements to WinTech Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for over 10+ years. own “Electrode - Suspension - Rapping” technology optimizes the energy applied to remove dust and limits its re-entrainment into the gas stream. This ensures both the highest reliability and efficiency in dust collecting, even when your plant is operating at maximum capacity.


Reliability and longevity
Many of the ESPs we designed and installed 10+ years ago are still working effectively and efficiently today.
Optimal performance
WinTech Rigid Emission Electrodes (RREE) system has an innovative design that ensures peak performance and low maintenance.
Improved efficiency
Our unique profile design for our collecting plates improves efficiency as it reduces dust-entrapment during the rapping phase.
Perfect alignment
Our electrodes are aligned at the bottom, not at the top, allowing thermal expansion and flexibility during all operating conditions.
Reduced dust re-entrainment
We take particular care in designing and manufacturing the baffles to avoid dust re-entrainment during rapping.

We offer ESP models for flow rates from 10,000 m3 to 3,00,000 m3 and for dust loads of 1 g to 1 kg with outlet emission less than 50 mg/nm3.

Salient Feature of our ESP

Our Latest technology ESP design has the following features.:

Multi field ESP
We provide Multi field ESP, number of fields are decided based on gas flow and inlet dust loading. Going with International practices, our equipment within Boundary limit is “Ready to Use”. Shop assembly ensures Quality work & completeness of components.
Compact Vertical Design
Space limitations is big issue for all existing industries. Considering this we have more vertical modules which consume less floor space.
Modular Design
STD modules are available in fully assembled condition depending on input parameters, numbers of Modules are selected.
Automation for Fool proof operation
Our ESP comes with control and operation panel. It takes care of various operating conditions like excess current flow, short condition protection, auto rammer etc which provide easy of operation.
Special coating
Many of NON-WINTECH installations forms holes and gas leakage. We have given attention to this point by coating 100% internal of ESP. This gives enhanced life.
Well Designed distribution of gases
unlike long cone at entry and exit and typical problems of mixing of two gas streams generating backpressure, we have unique approach. Our Gas distribution; ensures multi entry point for gases; mixing within ESP and existing from Single Clean outlet. This is very important factor for effective ESP operation.
Quick Assembly at site
We can assure you quick-est assembly at site. Our Installation is like Quick Fix Solution at site.
System is designed with inlet outlet manometer, Temp gauges, peepholes and maintenance man-holes operating platform ladder and STD safety


WinTech is a market leader in carrying out retrofit, upgrade and transformation solutions: it has become one of our specialties. Many existing ESPs have become obsolete, either due to their age or their lower performance standards than currently required. However, in several cases an existing ESP can be upgraded or retrofitted (taking out what’s inside, keeping the casing and installing a new ESP inside). We can also transform your existing bag filter or hybrid into an ESP, or vice-versa, if that best suits your process parameters.


• Lower CAPEX than replacing the entire system

• Modifications can provide up to 30% more collecting surface without increasing the footprint of the unit

• Performance compliant with the strictest worldwide air emissions regulations